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Capcom approached Bigballs, the digital film agency with a brief to promote their upcoming release. Remember Me is set in a believable near future where memory, intimacy and privacy has been eroded by social technology. Bigballs brought us in to help realise their ambitious plan to create a prequel to the game and build lifetime of memories.


UX / Design / Development / Animation / Film and Photography Retouching / Social Campaign / Gamification / CRM - Data Capture / AWS Hosting




Webby Awards Honoree
FWA Shortlist

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Bigballs provided us with a concept - a digital journal, and a storyboard which we realised with unique content for a social audience. We always knew a linear narrative would be insufficient for a project of this scope and set about investigating new ways of creating and navigating a stranger’s memories. Central to the project’s success was the seamless integration of the audience into the proceedings.

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We designed a world that felt familiar. Visually, we wanted the progression from present day to 2085, when the game is set to feel believable. The user experience progresses much the same as a memory does. There’s a clear story running through the whole experience. However, we wanted the user’s individual experience to be unique, interrupted by snippets of audio, film and images. Some content we generated, some we pulled directly from the user’s social media feed. Since its launch in April 2013, Antoine’s Journal has been viewed over 500,000 times on a variety of devices. Users spent an average of 15 minutes interacting with the site.

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The journal’s finale lead seamlessly to a live-action trailer.

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