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Bigballs invited us in to help make one of their most ambitious ideas a reality. Sportswear brand, Oakley were looking for a new way to showcase their offer. Oakley sponsor sporting champions and knew that these unique personalities lay at the core of their campaign. It wasn’t enough to just make a film or bash out a couple of interviews. Much like the brand itself, the campaign needed to be challenging and innovative.

Branded content, especially digital games aren't unique and they're certainly not breaking new ground. It was important we moved away from traditional gaming and it's association with sedentary lifestyles towards a more dynamic real life experience.

Oakley You Vs is designed to be tough. Winning is reliant on thinking like a world class athlete. Vital decisions must be made quickly and correctly. The wipe outs are frustrating, touching on competitive nerves. We incorporated subtle social elements to give the fully interactive game a personal touch. This made sharing eventual, hard won glory incredibly satisfying.

Since its launch, Oakley You Vs has been played over 2 million times and won FWA Website of the Day.


Design / Development / Animation / Film Treatment / Social Integration and Campaigns / CRM - data capture / AWS Hosting / Display Advertising




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