A community-built virtual world for NFT enthusiasts.

Pavia is a forward thinking brand, whose goal is to seamlessly blend the enjoyment of traditional gaming with the modern paradigm of Web3.

Looking to take the metaverse by storm, Pavia approached us with the task of creating an unrivalled digital presence for their innovative start-up company.

As a welcoming, inclusive homeland for the Web 3 community, NFT enthusiasts and the crypto-curious our proposed solution needed to be all encompassing.

Built on a foundation of Next.js, the website uses custom 3D designs and animation to tell the story of a Utopian future.

At the heart of the project is the notion that through immersive 3D worlds and true digital ownership, new types of opportunities can be identified and meaningful partnerships can be formed. And it is this notion that directed
us in creating unique game-like interactive experiences, scroll effects and powerful animations.

For ease of use, the framework is backed onto, a headless content management system that allows for nimble content editing and limitless customisation.


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