Pinterest Presents

An unparalleled virtual event, streamed live for a global audience.

Built on the foundation of being an inclusive, safe space for consumers, brands and content creators alike - Pinterest is often preceded by its unwavering reputation.

But with the digital landscape ever-changing, how does a brand stay ahead of the curve? Enter: Pinterest Presents.

Working in collaboration with our friends at Amplify, we were tasked with delivering the digital platform for a one-of-a-kind global event, with the purpose of unveiling brand new product features and providing an insight into future trends via the new initiative; Pinterest Predicts.

Broadcast across seven territories and three time zones, our team were responsible for the coordination and execution of the invitations, registration, website and successful streaming of the event.

Supported by the event management system, Hopin, we were able to fully customise the event collateral, ensuring it aligned with the core message: It’s Different Here.

Challenging the traditional webinar format, we strived to bring the value of Pinterest to life by successfully streaming the delivery of a 60-minute conference to transport the audience into the world of Pinterest. Held in a physical space, the production is streamed live and recorded simultaneously, allowing for subsequent distribution.

Post-event analytics and reporting are rendered via a custom aggregator, providing invaluable insight into the performance of the event, ensuring key learnings can be extracted and taken forward for future success.