adidas Sportswear

Internal launch event for a new Sportswear product to internal staff, stakeholders and PR partners.

Built on three unique pillars of “Take it easy and relaxed”, “Get it done” and “Stay curious and escape” adidas Sportswear is adidas’ latest product launch aimed at Generation Z.

The brief was easy: to design a series of immersive experiences that reflected the new generation’s ability to blend the world of digital and physical.

Tokyo were commissioned by Amplify as digital design and development collaborator to help facilitate the successful pre-launch of adidas Sportswear to internal stakeholders and media partners.

With physical products not yet available, we began by showcasing a digital catwalk to unveil never-before-seen looks of the brand new Sportswear range. Working with 3D assets, we created an interactive and immersive world, whereby users could travel through a virtual wardrobe exploring the new range in relevant lifestyle settings.

Supported by a bespoke virtual platform to showcase the new product category and provide insight into the product story, the experience delivered high-definition media to a large captivated audience.

The platform used AWS MediaConvert to create video-on-demand (VOD) content for broadcast and multiscreen delivery at scale. Fully optimised for the user’s device, browser and bandwidth our approach provided a reliable yet scalable solution ensuring ultimate customer and user-satisfaction.

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