A hybrid broadcast and video chat tool for the television industry.

Amplify and Fremantle came to us with a problem. Since lockdown, presentations had been moved to Zoom, Google Meet and so on. Those platforms are great for group video chat, but they lack when it comes to broadcasting video - commonly executed over an overly compressed screen share. Was it possible to create a tool that leveraged available APIs to combine the best of Zoom's web interfacing tech, with the strengths of an enterprise video broadcasting tool?

Our solution was a micro-platform that brought together Zoom Web SDK and Brightcove API. The tool handles invites securely and presents the audience with a branded experience laid out with video chat alongside Brightcove video delivery. We developed custom functionality using websockets to allow the presenter to manipulate content and playback for the whole audience at the same time. The platform is backed onto a full analytics suite.


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